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OMS Publications

1.Text Editor with Database Interface

Published in: ICCTS 2012, New Delhi, India.

Date of Conference: Aug.18-19, 2012

Editors are generally used because of its extensive features that allow the users to modify and update text document as per their needs. Existing text editors provide just the ability to edit, manipulate text information but they do not provide the ability to connect to the database on fly and upload the text data to the database. In this paper, a text editor is proposed that enables user to open text document and upload selected content to the database. It also enables the user to view the database metadata for creating a workspace in which the contents are being uploaded.

2.Patent services CRM with integrated docket system

Published in: Parallel Distributed and Grid Computing (PDGC), 2012 2nd IEEE International Conference, Solan.

Date of Conference: 6-8 Dec. 2012


Client Relationship Management (CRM) system manages the services provided by a company to its customers. Few of the patent services are time critical and are required to comply with legal procedures. Such patent services are further rendered using a docket system, complying with the legal patent procedures of the country to which the patent application belongs to. The docket system maintains a centralized calendar/rule engine and initiates actions as per applicable laws, rules and procedures of the target country. The generation of notifications that are sent to clients to remind them of pending actions towards the docket, is based upon a rule engine. Hence a CRM system with integrated docket system for patent procedures is a complete solution for all patent related services.

3.Client Relationship Management System for Patent Services

Published in: International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics (IJCSI) ISSN (PRINT): 2231 –5292 Volume. 2 Issue. 4

Date of Conference: 6-8 Dec. 2012

Client Relationship Management (CRM) system is used to manage the services provided by a company to its customers. CRM is a multi-disciplinary concept. Its successful implementation involves many aspects. CRM systems have been developed for various fields such as sales management, product management etc., but has not evidently been adopted for providing patent services, where a person or a company can submit his or their work, search for existing patents using key words, etc. Current companies providing patent services, have their own interfaces, which have few limitations. As a result, CRM system for patent servicing is developed where a separate database is maintained for each client, enabling to check previous works, review service being rendered, anytime and anywhere. And at the service provider end, CRM system helps organize work making it clutter free.