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Our Best Services

Patent Application, Filing and prosecution

We possess great skillexperience in drafting patent application in English language for filing in multiple countries like USA, UK, INDIA and PCT. We have exhibited skills in capturing innovation from the inventor disclosure and provide appropriate scope to the invention in the draft. Our claims are well structured and provide adequate scope in few lines.

Our experience in prosecuting patent application and extensive infringement analysis is fully applied in drafting claims. This ensures the claims are valuable in the event of monetization and at the same time ensures grant without undesired rejections.

Our policy is to make the specification detailed enough with multiple embodiments enabling successful prosecution. We develop illustrative drawings In-House.

We are actively drafting for multinational semiconductor and automation companies, Start-ups, Universities and Individuals. We perform inventor interview over phone or face to face based on geographical location. Our drafting team operate independently and is disconnected from other services. We draft patent application in English from an existing (pre-drafted) non-English language application to file in English specific countries and provide specification in any target languages for the application drafted by us in English. We do not undertake only language translation work without representation in any patent office.