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Our Best Services

Evidence of Use of Patents without License

We have supported Product Companies, Brokers, Law Firms, and other patent owners with "Evidence of Use" (EOU) reports in the field of semiconductors, information and technology and signal processing. Our EOUs are supported with claim construction chart (interpretation of claim) derived from patent specification and image file wrappers. Our EOU reports are successfully employed for negotiating licenses, sales and to file infringement suits.

We have handled large number of patent assets of clients and efficiently concluded projects to their satisfaction. We systematically filter large number of patent assets to arrive at the list of patents that are most probably infringed. We adapt to different technique of filtering based on the nature of assertion and negotiation planned to reduce cost and enhance reliability. For Instance, we have handled projects requiring analysis of Large number of patents Vs one or few products, Large number of Patent Vs entire product range of a company, and a few patents Vs large number of products, to mention a few. We generate multiple reports during our filtering process enabling clients to make informed decision at all times. EOUs are provided in desired language. (Mostly we have worked in English language with few exceptions)

We have generated over 150EOUs in two years from nearly 700 patent assets. Our overall experience in EOUs includes preparation of more than thousand EOUs from over five thousand Patent assets and managing nearly 4000 Man hour/Month.