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Our Best Services


1.Invalidity Search

We possess experience in conducting invalidity search or invalidating patents that are asserted. We have also performed searches to determine potential invalidity threat on patents under transaction. Besides keywords based searches criteria, we also employ context and technical skill based search criteria in our searches. In our search criteria, each section of the database is independently searched to ensure the important results are not lost in the heap when searched combined. We search in patent databases, non-patent databases, journals, conferences, standards, and submissions to mention a few. On couple of occasion we have searched paper copies of the journals and books, as they were not digitised beyond some years. Our report indexes 102 references and primary -secondary references of 103. We can provide the result in our standard format, Examiner OA format or any other format desired by the client.

2.Patentability search

We have mostly conducted low hanging fruit search for patentability. Our experience includes conducting over 500 patentability searches for major MNCs. We split the invention into features each capable of being claimed in a dependent claim or independently. Thus, in the event of finding relevant references, our report highlights the specific feature that may be successfully claimed as against perceived broad scope of the invention. We can provide the result in our standard format with soft copies of non-patent references.