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Our Best Services

Portfolio Analysis for Sale, License and Acquisition

We possess experience in performing portfolio analysis for sale, license and acquisition. Our experience includes identifying patents for divestment, identify patents associated with business units of a company, identifying patents associated with technology transferred or acquired and patent's relevancy to technology and technology standards. We have performed analysis to determine saleability of a portfolio by considering number of parameters that matter for a sale. Our experience includes analysing liquid metal patent portfolio for technology transfer, optical discs for acquisition and analysing patents for relevance to communication standards such as 802.11, LTE etc. If numbers matter, in the past 2 years we have analysed nearly 10 portfolios for acquisition and 2 portfolios for sale. Overall, we possess experience in analysing portfolio of over 1500 patents.

Freedom to operate

For a given product, we identify all the embodied features in that product and perform search for active patents whose claims cover one or more feature. We have experience in performing freedom to operate searches on two medical appliances product series.